Think Green | October 24, 2014

Write On
Make My Notebook

Plain old notebooks are so last year. Why can't you just customize a notebook to look the way you want and have it formatted the way you want to write in it? 

Make My Notebook, a green, locally based company, lets you do exactly that. They allow you to make your own quality, handmade notebooks and tailor them to your exact needs and wants. 

They are hand silk-screened and assembled spiral-bound notebooks. The photograph covers are inspired by the artist's own Denver, Colorado, surroundings. Each notebook is hand printed using stateside machinery. All notebooks are made to order, which in turn cuts down on waste, and allows for quality control and use of recycled materials. Choose from a variety of funky original photos, different colored bindings and filler paper.
You can find them at paper boutiques all around the country or simply go online and create your own.
So put away that boring old notebook from last year and place your order. It's the "write" thing to do.
Make My Notebook, featured at the upcoming Southmoor Elementary Artisan Fair (3755 S. Magnolia Way, Denver) on January 29 from 10-3,

Use your new notebook to write about the amazing cooking class at Stir Cooking School that you and a friend could take if you get five of your friends to sign up for The Nugget!

P.S. Continue helping the environment by sprucing up your own with Green Foot Furniture. By using reclaimed wood from old homes, fences and factories, they are able to hand-craft environmentally friendly, one-of-a-kind pieces. Each piece tells its own story, is truly unique and could be the perfect addition to your home.

Green Foot Furniture,