Think Green | October 21, 2014

Green Cleans
Green Cleaning Companies

Whether your house always looks like a tornado hit or you left your windows open last Sunday, you’ve got a big mess on your hands. It's time to send up your flares and ask for help.

Sounds like you need to look for a new way to keep your house clean, ( i.e. not you cleaning it), so why not think green while you’re researching ideas?
Denver has a variety of cleaning services that use non-toxic supplies. These eco-friendly cleaning businesses believe in using products that will free the world of toxic chemicals, one household at a time! They use materials such as wowgreen, Green Scene, Citra-Solve, and IPAX Green Unikleen -  all of which are 100% natural, safe, and effective.
Sparkling Green Home
Specializing in using products made of plant-derived natural cleaning agents, essential oils and botanical extracts, all of Sparkling Green Home's cleaning services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Should you feel something was not cleaned to your satisfaction or was simply overlooked, they will come back to re-clean the area of concern for you at no additional charge.
Denver Concierge
Denver Concierge uses only 100% environmentally friendly products. They strive to reduce indoor air pollution with their cleaning products and frequent vacuuming recommendations. They are tough on dirt and grime but friendly towards people and pets. They've also earned Green Clean Institute CertifiedTM status, plus they have specials available if you have just brought a new bundle of joy home or if you're a man and the one cleaning!
Evenfall Cleaning will implement certified green cleaning in your home. Their knowledge and expertise will guide you to help save the environment, while getting your house clean. Their track record is one of professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness and reliability.
They'll all go under, over, between, behind, above—places you never knew you wanted them to go. Don’t worry, it’s a lot more wholesome and green than it sounds.